Recycled film FEDAK®ECO
Black construction film

Product description

Universal black film FEDAK® ECO, produced by adding recycled materials, tensile strength, elastic, having moisture, light, vapor impermeability, the ability to retain heat. Fully recyclable. Most often used for technical purposes.

Roll specifications


  • for sheltering scaffolding, temporary closing of window, door and wall openings, sheltering a pallet;
  • for equipment conservation;
  • when designing a landscape;
  • protection from wind, precipitation;
  • for the installation of temporary structures;
  • for storage of materials;
  • to protect floors and walls during painting and plastering, etc.;
  • in case of isolation and compaction of the bottom of artificial ponds;
  • for isolation and consolidation of silage bunkers;


  • Film FEDAK® ECO is wound on a cardboard core. Rolls are covered with polyethylene packaging film.


  • Store in a dry place at a temperature of −15 ºC to +40 ºC.
  1. flexographic printing
    is possible on all films;
  2. maximum number of colors – 6;
  3. the possible width of the film is from 100 to 6000 mm;
  4. the possible thickness of the film is from 6 to 400 microns;
  5. the maximum winding width per roll is 3000 mm;
  1. the maximum diameter of a roll –
    1000 mm;
  2. the weight of the goods roll is agreed with the Customer;
  3. the point perforation is possible both over the whole area of the canvas and in the form of separate strips;
  4. stepper perforation (detachable).