Group packing films

Product description

Film for unit or group packaging is a multipurpose packaging material used for packaging both group and single goods. This type of film provides the product with reliable protection, has excellent strength, does not add weight and volume to the product and does not deform it. The packaging will have a presentable appearance with minimal means. It will not hide the product and will helpyou to look neat.
We produce thermoshrinkage as a sleeve and flat film with or without flexographic printing, as welI as thermoshrinк bags with or without printing.The sleeve can have gussets.
Our packaging films can have continuous perforations along the entire width or in separate sections, for the best air release at the time of packaging. It can also have tear-off perforation, embossing and punch holes up to 6mm in diameter.


  • Film for unit or group packaging is wound on a cardboard core. Rolls are covered with polyethylene packaging film.


  • Store in a dry place at a temperature of -15 °C to +40 °C.


  • to protect various products from environmental influences
  • to apply information about the composition, purpose of goods, date of production, terms and conditions of storage
  • for assembling several products of the same type or differing into groups • for packing napkins and toilet paper
  • when packing timber products
  • when packing furniture, etc.
  • when packing clothes
  1. flexographic printing
    is possible on all films;
  2. maximum number of colors – 6;
  3. the possible width of the film is from 100 to 6000 mm;
  4. the possible thickness of the film is from 6 to 400 microns;
  5. the maximum winding width per roll is 3000 mm;
  1. the maximum diameter of a roll –
    1000 mm;
  2. the weight of the goods roll is agreed with the Customer;
  3. the point perforation is possible both over the whole area of the canvas and in the form of separate strips;
  4. stepper perforation (detachable).