Black and white films for timber packaging

Product description

Black and white film for wood – three-layer polyethylene, which was developed specifically for the timber processing industry. The black and white plastic sheeting is placed with the black side on the timber, while the white side of the sheeting provides good light reflection. Thanks to the special additives used in the production of the film, it is characterized by high strength and elasticity, even at very low temperatures.

This type of film can be produced with a special anti-slip additive, due to which the film becomes “rough” to the touch, which prevents slipping on it.
It is often produced from recycled PE, which is friendly to nature and gives your company to reduce expenses.

We offer black and white films with or without flexo printing.


  • to protect timber from mold
  • to protect timber from dirt, dust, precipitation, moisture and temperature changes
  • to prevent the greenhouse effect
  • to preserve the moisture content of timber
  • to eliminate the effect of rubbing wood
  • to eliminate the effect of cracking of sawn timber
  • to reduce the formation of fungus
  • to eliminate the darkening effect of timber

Black and white film for timber packaging is wound on a cardboard core. Rolls are covered with polyethylene packaging film.

Store in a dry place at a temperature of −15 ºC to +40 ºC.

  1. flexographic printing
    is possible on all films;
  2. maximum number of colors – 6;
  3. the possible width of the film is from 100 to 6000 mm;
  4. the possible thickness of the film is from 6 to 400 microns;
  5. the maximum winding width per roll is 3000 mm;
  1. the maximum diameter of a roll –
    1000 mm;
  2. the weight of the goods roll is agreed with the Customer;
  3. the point perforation is possible both over the whole area of the canvas and in the form of separate strips;
  4. stepper perforation (detachable).